AI + synthetic biology

Nature has accumulated billions of evolution experiments. By combining artificial intelligence, protein evolution and efficient wet experiments, Levinthal designs protein more powerfully and efficiently. We apply this technology to solving challenging and meaningful problems in our lives, such as environmental protection, food safety, and medical care.

AI + synthetic biology
Haobo Wang
Haobo WangCEO & Founder

Dr. Wang studied protein co-evolution and artificial intelligence, as a postdoc collaborates with Dr. Sergey Ovchinnikov at Harvard University. He also has a highly interdisciplinary background in artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, structural biology and organic chemistry.

Wenhan Zhang
Wenhan ZhangCOO & CO-Founder

Mr. Zhang graduated from the university of konstanz. He is a serial entrepreneur and has extensive experience in business management and trading.

Bo Chen
Bo ChenLab Director

Dr. Chen graduated from CAS Center for Excellence in Molecular Plant Sciences, has extensive experience in synthetic biology. And he has broad academic perspective, is also the director of the academic community "Meet Biosynthesis".

Service area
  • Industrial enzyme preparation
    Industrial enzyme preparation
  • In Vitro Diagnostic Reagents
    In Vitro Diagnostic Reagents
  • Enzyme molecular optimization
    Enzyme molecular optimization
Service Process
  • Communicate needs  with customers
    Communicate needs with customers

    Communicate with customers to get requirements, and assess the development cycle and difficulty of the project. Sign contracts with customers.

  • Design protein sequence

    Design protein sequences through artificial intelligence, efficiently screen protein of interest.

    Design protein sequence
  • Deliver the project
    Deliver the project

    Deliver the project on time,provide report with experimental data and related working process.

  • Verify through biological experiment

    Verify the protein sequences through biological experiments, select sequences with better stability, substrate specificity or activity.

    Verify through biological  experiment
  • Combine AI and synthetic biology

    Combining AI and synthetic biology, rational design of protein sequence makes the experiment process more efficient and easier.

    Combine AI and synthetic biology
  • Optimize protein performance
    Optimize protein performance

    Driven by bioinformatics, AI and wet experiments, protein with better stability, substrate specificity and sequence diversity will be delivered to customers!

  • Lower costs, higher efficiency

    Through our platform, we can get better performance with lower costs and higher efficiency.

    Lower costs, higher efficiency